Hey church!

Wanted to share this song with you – it has been one of my favorite songs recently for a couple of reasons:

1. “Everybody needs saving – everybody breaks, everybody bleeds, you don’t have to be ashamed” is my reminder that my humanity is always finding new ways to break and hurt me. And yours, too. But that’s ok, because (see #2)

2. I think I’ve always seen the Gospel as something I needed just once – but the bridge of this song “what You did on the cross still saves us” is my reminder that I can always come home – yes, the Good News saved my soul once for all of eternity, but the power of the name of Jesus is that it can save me every single day, too. Yesterday, it saved my pride and my envy. Today, it’s going to save my attitude and my perspective. Tomorrow, (I’m guessing lol) it will save my fear and discomfort.

Take a listen to this song and let the Good News and the name of Jesus save you in a new way today.

P.S. Our new sermon series, “I’ve Got Good News,” starts on Sunday, May 21! We hope you’ll join us as we let the Good News save us each and every day!