Taking physical steps

when you aren’t quite sure of the trustworthiness of what you’re about to put your weight on is, to say the least, quite stressful. At times it’s outright terrifying! Thankfully we can generally go throughout our days without this even being a thought (because how stressful would that be? 😅). 

The same can apply to how we move in our spiritual life. We hesitate to move off of the metaphorical flat, solid ground we’re used to – sticking to what’s familiar, what’s comfortable, what’s easy (because that’s just what we do as humans). Just like a physical step we’re unsure of, a spiritual step can be quite scary! But often when we stay static in our spiritual walk (can you really call it a walk if you’re not moving though?) it’s because we aren’t sure we can trust something, so we choose to trust what we think we know and trust ourselves…

We aren’t sure we can trust others with our vulnerabilities, so we don’t join a LifeGroup. We aren’t sure that cheerfully giving at a first-fruits level is what’s best for us, so we give when we have a surplus or whatever feels right that week. We aren’t sure that serving in ministry will actually make a difference in ours or anyone else’s life, so our relationship with the Church Body is little more than showing up.

I want to focus in on serving for a moment. If you aren’t sure that what you have to offer will even make a difference, consider the boy who offered Jesus his lunch of 5 small loaves of bread and 2 fish when there were literally thousands who needed to be fed. Jesus takes what little we have and multiplies it beyond what we could ever even imagine!

I hope that you feel encouraged to see just what God can do through you! Don’t be afraid to step in to something new – the Lord is with you always.


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