United Student Ministries is here to help students grow in their faith, their relationships, and their character. We are a family that invites you to belong and become the person God has created you to be.


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DEVOTIONAL: MAR 28th - April

Everyone loves a good story…everyone! Whether it’s your favorite movie, a book, or just a friend telling you about something crazy that happened to them…we all love stories. Because of that, Jesus used stories to teach ALL. THE. TIME. Lessons are just so much more powerful and memorable when they’re attached to stories. So, let’s spend the next five days looking at some of Jesus’ most epic stories.

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Being a parent is an enormous blessing and responsibility. It's hard to know how to navigate all the different scenarios that can arise with your teenager. Most of us do not have a degree in parenting, but we can help each other, and learn from people who are finding success in different situations. Let's learn and grow together as a community of people investing and influencing your student.

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