S t o r i e s

God Meant It For Good

In chapter four of Second Corinthians,

...Paul sees that the people feel surrounded, crushed, heartbroken, confused, and uncertain. So he speaks purpose over them & encourages them:

"That is why we never give up... because God's grace reaches more & more people, there will be great thanksgiving... & God will receive more and more glory."

Here's OUR challenge to YOU:
Let's stop sitting on the sidelines questioning our place. He wrote your story and wants you to share it! There's a reason you never gave up & a reason that he was faithful to bring you through. He chose to give great purpose & great power in your pain. Paul will vouch for us that in sharing your heart & your life with those around you, there will be blessing far greater than you or I will ever see - encouragement in our church family - and restoration in your heart and the hearts of those you may never have the chance to meet. What an incredible opportunity to let God use the life he has given to you.

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