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Parent Prayer Cards

Pre-K and Elementary school children are in a stage and age where they listen to what their parents have to say with ears wide open. So, let’s give them some encouragement!

We have 7 personalized prayer cards for you to give your child. Just follow the 5 simple steps to get started!

1. Click on the button below, and print/cut.
2. Personalize the card by writing your child’s name in the blank.
3. Slip the card into their backpack, tape on their bathroom mirror, or tuck under their pillow.
4. Let them know you will pray this verse over them all week.
5. Print a copy for yourself and pray this same verse over them.

11 Things Your Elementary Child Needs From You


Well, back-to-school looks a little different this year, yes? Does your school supply list now include masks or a distance learning cheat sheet?

As we face this global pandemic together as a community, we want you to know that LifePoint is in full support of you– the parents. The month of August and September in the year 2020 is no walk in the park.

Whether your student attends school online, in-person, or a hybrid, we have an encouraging 5-minute read to inspire you. 11 Things Your Elementary Student Needs From You gives you practical, encouraging tips to help make it through the back-to-school transition.

To view the article, click the link below.

If you need anything during this time, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Family Friendly Reviews

Ever wonder types of things your kids are consuming in movies, TV shows, music, games and even books? Plugged In is a ministry of Focus on the Family, and gives reviews of new/old movies, albums, video games and more. They review and talk about everything a parents would want know, so that you can feel comfortable with what your kids are taking in. Click the button below for full access to their free reviews!

Prayerful July

Many parents want to include family prayers into their daily schedule, they just don’t know how to start. The Prayerful July calendar might be that simple first step that will help you weave a life-giving prayer habit into the fabric of their family culture.
The Prayerful July calendar is a gentle invitation to make room and time for God in the month of July. You can stick this poster on the fridge as a reminder to take time to pray with your children every day.