Parent Helps

Discipleship Moments On The Go

Have you ever thought about how you pass on your faith to your kids? When would you do it with your packed schedule? Where would you even start!

As a parent you can create discipleship moments on the go. Yes, in the middle of your already busy life, you can make a spiritual impact.

Discipleship On The Go Video

These five simple ideas are all steps you can take in the normal rhythm of your life. That is the key to creating discipleship moments. You have to choose to be strategic. Most parents think their lives are too busy to be effective, but with just a little bit of strategic planning, you can bring Jesus into the normal flow of life. When you choose to be strategic, you don’t try to do everything, but rather, you try to do a few things with purpose and focus.

Controlling Technology

It is all about teaching healthy habits in our home…emotionally, socially and spiritually. Your child needs some guardrails to start off with, to guide them toward a good balance. While they might bump up against those rules and limits, it will keep them on the right path.

Controlling Technology Video


After watching the video ask yourself the following questions:

– How is your example of technology use at home? What are the lessons your child is learning by watching you?
– What limits do you need to consider or improve on in your home when it comes to technology use?
– What are your tech-free moments and spaces for your child? Do you have any?
– Have you kept updated on the more recent apps and parental controls on all of your child’s devices?
– Have you come up with a plan or rules on when your child can get social media yet?


As a church, we believe in you, the family, and it is our calling to support you in your role as guardian and spiritual leader of your children. This is our sixth week of encouraging Parent Helps, I want to remind you of one the more powerful resources we have in our toolbox.
That resource is PRAYER!

Guided, Online Prayer Time
Praying For Your Family

Parenting with Purpose

Are you growing tired? Are you making more decisions than an air traffic controller or basketball referee?

Here are some resources are on wisdom.

How to Avoid Pointless Parenting
Scriptures You Can Pray for Your Kids.mp4
Thirty-one days of blessings and proverbs for your child

Scream-Free Home

At this point, most of your kids have been out of school or doing online school for over a month, maybe two. Do you feel you are now qualified to work at the United Nations? Experiencing any sibling-on-sibling crime?

Here are some resources with tips on how to stop the yelling and lead your children through transitions.

How To Have a Scream-Free Home
CHANGE: How To Help Any Child With Any Problem At Any Age

Soul Care

Parenting can leave us tired and overwhelmed because along with all the joy is a lot of work. In the midst of caring for your family, how are you caring for your own soul?

Embracing the Power of a Schedule

Are you adjusting to the idea that you are the one in charge of daily schedules?

A brief video on how to set schedules for a healthy environment.
Bedtime Routines

Having a good bedtime routine is the best way to create sweet sleep in your home. Bedtime routines are often some of the best talk time we can have with our children. We want to help you capitalize on this important time by equipping you with tools that will create significant conversation at bedtime.

1. Doing a night time devotional with your child every night allows you to talk about the spiritual during a time when your child is most apt to talk about it. Here are some great devotionals to do with your child or to have him/her do independently:

A. Read a story from a great story Bible like The Jesus Storybook Bible.

B. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

C. Grace for the Moment: 365 Devotionals for Kids by Max Lucado

D. Real Girls of the Bible by Mona Hodgson

E. Triple Dog Dare: One Year of Dynamic Devotions for Boys by Jeremy V. Jones

2. Create consistent conversation with some of these conversation starters:

A. There are tons of “talk cards” or “conversation cards” on the market. It’s a fun adventure to pull one and allow each person to answer it, especially as your snuggled up on the bed with your little one.

B. Allow child to talk about his hi/low of the day.

C. Allow your child to rank her day. You can come up with your own ranking (numbers, words, etc.). Then, have her explain why she ranked it that way. If it was a tough one, talk about what she can do to make tomorrow better.

3. Cultivate a prayer time with your child:

A. Ask him what he’s most thankful for today?

B. Are there family members or friends he wants to pray for?

C. Is there anything he needs to say I’m sorry for?

Bedtime provides a unique window into our child’s heart. Take advantage of this time by infusing into your home a bedtime routine that allows you a lifetime of unlimited access straight to that heart.

Leveraging The Dinner Table

Are you spending way more time at the dinner table than ever before?

Here is a brief video that will help you learn to use the evening meal to build relationships.
Seated N' Silly Games: Preschool


A simple fun game to play for younger children is a seated version of hide and go seek using a small object like a checker, chess piece, or even a classic small plastic “army man”.

Start off your meal having the object already hidden. Once your meal has begun, tell your child/children that you are going to play a quick game of “seated hide and go seek”. Using a cellphone timer or egg timer allow the players 30 seconds to gently and neatly seek out the hidden object.

The person who finds the object first is the new “hider”. Everyone closes their eyes (no peeking) and as you slowly count to 20, the person must hide the object on, under or near the table.

The game continues throughout the meal or as long as you like.


This simple, silly game requires no supplies, only faces. The object of the game is to match the silly face of the “leader”. If the players match the leader’s silly face, they get a point.

Start the game by explaining and demonstrating 3-4 funny faces. Here are a few suggestions, but you are welcome to create your own:

  • Kissy Face: Puckered up lips
  • Clown: Tongue out, eyes crossed
  • Blow Fish: Cheeks puffed up

Cheese: Big cheesy smile

Start the game by everyone closing their eyes, including the leader (parent). Count to 3 and everyone opens their eyes. Everyone matching the leader’s funny face gets a point.

Switch leaders and allow everyone to get a turn.

Seated N' Silly Games: 1st through 3rd Grade


This is a guessing game for the whole family to play while they enjoy a meal. The simple object of the game is to guess your family’s imaginary special dinner guest that will be showing up soon.

Here are some suggested guests:

  • People you know: relatives, teachers/principal, church leaders, friends…
  • Celebrities: favorite musicians, actor/actresses that you children will know
  • Movie/TV/Book Characters

Parents go first to start off the game, thinking of a special dinner guest. Going around the table, each person gets to ask one question to be answered and then takes a guess.

Allow every person to take a turn being the leader and choosing a special dinner guest for others to guess.


This is a game to have some fun while also practicing some quick mathematic skills. The object of the game is for players to be the first to add up the fingers everyone is holding up.

Start off by allowing everyone around the table to hold up one hand, revealing 1 to 5 fingers. Everyone around the table places their hands under table. On “Go!” every- one holds up their hand revealing their fingers. As quickly as possible everyone must add or count all the fingers around the table. The first person to come up with the correct total of fingers is the winner of the round.

As the game continues, take the game to the next level by allowing everyone to choose if they want to hold up 1 or 2 hands and reveal 1 to 10 fingers.

Keep track of the points and reward the winning player some extra dessert or something special at the end of the meal.

Seated N' Silly Games: 4th & 5th Grade


This is a dinner time, seated version of the classic paper-rock-scissors. The object and game play is similar with players revealing 1 of 3 things with 1 beating another and a point being given to the winner(s) of each round.

Here are the rules:

  • Fork beats Spoon
  • Spoon beats Knife
  • Knife beat Fork

Make sure everyone has a place setting of a fork, spoon and knife. Pair everyone off. If there are an odd number allow one person to wait until the next round. Have everyone secretly in their mind choose which utensil they will be holding up. On “Go!” everyone should grab and hold up their utensil.

The winner continues or gets a point. If you “tie you die”, or get no points.


This a simple and fast paced game to play around the dinner table after dinner is over. Set up the game by having everyone place both hands on the table directly in front of them.

Starting off the game, each person will tap the table once in front of them in order clock-wise around the table. After everyone has gone once explain a “single tap” continues the direction and order, but a double tap reverses the direction and order.

Continue the game for a couple times around the table before speeding up the game starting “elimination”. Elimination happens when a player taps out of order or misses their turn. Only one hand is eliminated at a time. If both hands are eliminated the player is eliminated as well.

Play until only one player remains!

Defeating Loneliness as a Parents

Many parents feel isolated and lonely. If that is you, you are not alone.

Here is a short video to give you a little inspiration