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We believe that parents are the most significant spiritual influence in the lives of their kids. So, we designed the Parent Portal to be a hub of resources full of encouragement and wisdom to help you lead your family spiritually. We want to partner with you as you become more involved in the faith development of your child.

Helpful tips to lead your family

Discipleship On The Go Video

Have you ever thought about how you pass on your faith to your kids? When would you do it with your packed schedule? Where would you even start!

As a parent you can create discipleship moments on the go. Yes, in the middle of your already busy life, you can make a spiritual impact.

Watch Here


Controlling Technology

It is all about teaching healthy habits in our home…emotionally, socially and spiritually. Your child needs some guardrails to start off with, to guide them toward a good balance. While they might bump up against those rules and limits, it will keep them on the right path.

Watch Here

  • How is your example of technology use at home? What are the lessons your child is learning by watching you?
  • What limits do you need to consider or improve on in your home when it comes to technology use?
  • What are your tech-free moments and spaces for your child? Do you have any?
  • Have you kept updated on the more recent apps and parental controls on all of your child’s devices?
  • Have you come up with a plan or rules on when your child can get social media yet?
Praying For Your Family

As a church, we believe in you, the family, and it is our calling to support you in your role as guardian and spiritual leader of your children. This is our sixth week of encouraging Parent Helps, I want to remind you of one the more powerful resources we have in our toolbox.
That resource is PRAYER!

Guided Online Prayer Time

A Guide To Pray For Your Family

Parenting With Purpose

Are you growing tired? Are you making more decisions than an air traffic controller or basketball referee?

Here are some resources and wisdom:

Avoid Pointless Parenting

Scriptures to Pray For Your Kids

Parental Proverbs



Scream-Free Home

At this point, most of your kids have been out of school or doing online school for over a month, maybe two. Do you feel you are now qualified to work at the United Nations? Experiencing any sibling-on-sibling crime?

Here are some resources with tips on how to stop the yelling and lead your children through transitions.

How To Have A Scream-Free Home

Soul Care

Parenting can leave us tired and overwhelmed because along with all the joy is a lot of work. In the midst of caring for your family, how are you caring for your own soul?

Care For Your Soul

Parental Anxiety?

The Power Of A Schedule

Are you adjusting to the idea that you are the one in charge of daily schedules?

How To Set Schedules


Having a good bedtime routine is the best way to create sweet sleep in your home. Bedtime routines are often some of the best talk time we can have with our children. We want to help you capitalize on this important time by equipping you with tools that will create significant conversation at bedtime.

1. Doing a night time devotional with your child every night allows you to talk about the spiritual during a time when your child is most apt to talk about it. Here are some great devotionals to do with your child or to have him/her do independently:

A. Read a story from a great story Bible like The Jesus Storybook Bible.

B. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

C. Grace for the Moment: 365 Devotionals for Kids by Max Lucado

D. Real Girls of the Bible by Mona Hodgson

E. Triple Dog Dare: One Year of Dynamic Devotions for Boys by Jeremy V. Jones

2. Create consistent conversation with some of these conversation starters:

A. There are tons of “talk cards” or “conversation cards” on the market. It’s a fun adventure to pull one and allow each person to answer it, especially as your snuggled up on the bed with your little one.

B. Allow child to talk about his hi/low of the day.

C. Allow your child to rank her day. You can come up with your own ranking (numbers, words, etc.). Then, have her explain why she ranked it that way. If it was a tough one, talk about what she can do to make tomorrow better.

3. Cultivate a prayer time with your child:

A. Ask him what he’s most thankful for today?

B. Are there family members or friends he wants to pray for?

C. Is there anything he needs to say I’m sorry for?

Bedtime provides a unique window into our child’s heart. Take advantage of this time by infusing into your home a bedtime routine that allows you a lifetime of unlimited access straight to that heart.

Leveraging The Dinner Table
Defeating Loneliness As A Parent

Many parents feel isolated and lonely. If that is you, you are not alone.

Defeating Loneliness Video


Resources for the family

Parent Prayer Cards

Pre-K and Elementary school children are in a stage and age where they listen to what their parents have to say with ears wide open. So, let’s give them some encouragement!

We have 7 personalized prayer cards for you to give your child. Just follow the 5 simple steps to get started!

1. Click on the button below, and print/cut.
2. Personalize the card by writing your child’s name in the blank.
3. Slip the card into their backpack, tape on their bathroom mirror, or tuck under their pillow.
4. Let them know you will pray this verse over them all week.
5. Print a copy for yourself and pray this same verse over them.

Prayer Cards

11 Things Your Elementary Child Need From You

We have an encouraging 5-minute read to inspire you. 11 Things Your Elementary Student Needs From You gives you practical, encouraging tips to help make it through the back-to-school transition.

To view the article, click the link below.

If you need anything during this time, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

What Your Child Needs From You

Family Friendly Reviews

Ever wonder types of things your kids are consuming in movies, TV shows, music, games and even books? Plugged In is a ministry of Focus on the Family, and gives reviews of new/old movies, albums, video games and more. They review and talk about everything a parents would want know, so that you can feel comfortable with what your kids are taking in. Click the button below for full access to their free reviews!

Plugged In Reviews

A Strategy To Pass Down Faith In Your Home

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