Church Officer Nominations

2023 Deacon Nominations

What are the qualifications for a church deacon?

Deacons will be selected by the Church in accordance with the qualifications established in 1 Timothy 3:8-12. The deacons will primarily exercise a pastoral support service to the ministries of the Church in support of the pastoral staff. Before nominating someone for the office of a deacon, consider the following qualifications from I Timothy 3:8-12:

1. He must be respected and have integrity.
2. He cannot be given to wine or be greedy for money.
3. He must be committed to the Christian faith and live with a clear conscience.
4. He must have proven himself faithful in other responsibilities in the church.
5. He must be faithful to his wife while managing his children and household well.
6. His wife should not speak evil of others and have self-control.

Is there anyone I shouldn't nominate for deacon?

The following people are currently deacons and SHOULD NOT be nominated:
Greg Bell
Greg Bernash
Joel Gummeson
Wil Morales
Jose Nava
Ray Racine
Paul Sergneri

What if I don't know someone's membership status?

That’s ok! We will check our records to find if someone is a qualified church member. It doesn’t take long. 😉