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Family Discussion Guide

Say the point and Bible verse together

The Verse Ephesians 4:3 NLT keep yourselves united in the Spirit, binding yourselves together with peace.

The Point! God’s love seeks peace.

Review Questions

1. Why do we put others first? To show God’s love to them

2. How does seeking peace put others first? It shows
them that apologizing and getting along with them is more
important to you then staying mad and getting even.

3. Read Ephesians 4:3 out loud. What does it mean?
Keep trying to live for God together. Let peace be the thing that keeps you together.

4. Think about the game we played earlier. Why did we
hold hands each time we read something that brings
peace? When we try our best to apologize and live in peace with each other, it brings us closer together and makes it easier for us to live for God together.

5. When you’re mad at someone, how can you seek

peace with them? Apologize first and be kind to them.

Action Step

1.When we choose to follow Jesus, God heals our
broken hearts so we can share His love with others by
putting them first. How can you show others that
God’s love seeks peace? If you do hurt someone, or they hurt you, apologize, talk to them kindly, pray for others, look for ways to be kind even if they were mean to you, etc.

Pray Together

Ask your kids to share things they’d like to pray about.
Write down their prayer requests.
Pray together over the prayer requests.

Not sure what to pray? Pray This: Jesus, thank you for healing our broken hearts so that we can love others the way you do. Please teach us how to live peacefully with everyone around us so that they know what Your love is like. In Jesus’ name, amen!

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