Authentic Manhood

33 - Authentic Manhood

A 6-week journey to authentic manhood as modeled by Jesus in His 33 years on earth.
The Next Session of 33 starts on Saturday, February 22 and will run for 6 weeks.

Authentic Manhood 33 – Vol 1 “A Man and His Design"

Discover God’s design for men with a clear definition and inspiring vision of Authentic Manhood.

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Authentic Manhood 33 – Vol. 2 “A Man and His Story”

Understand how your past shapes who you are today. Understand your past and enjoy God’s best for your future. (Vol 1 is a prerequisite)

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Authentic Manhood 33 - Vol. 3 "A Man and His Traps"

Identify the deep idols of your heart and develop a “battle plan” built on God’s grace. (Vol 2 is a prerequisite)

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