I often find myself wondering; how does Jesus feel about our worship?

Is it pleasing to Him, does He feel loved through our sacrifices, praises, and songs….. is there anything missing? How can I worship Him perfectly?

I know being perfect is impossible. There is only one person who ever walked the earth that was perfect, and his name is JESUS. Honestly, I think the idea of trying to be perfect is what can sometimes mess us up. When we are chasing perfection it becomes about us. Worship isn’t about us. It honestly isn’t even for us either. It is all for and about our loving Father in Heaven! When we make it about us we are missing it completely. We would only be worshiping ourselves.

Humility: ‘a modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness’. I know, I know… we want people to like us, we want to do well and be “important” in one way or another, but in reality, God’s ways are far better than anything I could even think of! For my life, I want to seek after less of me and more of Him! …..Why would I want to lift myself up when there is a perfect and loving God who deserves ALL of the glory, ALL of our praise, and ALL of our worship because HE is WORTH it.

Worthship. The word worship is compressed from an Old English term, worthship. (Zach Neese, How to Worship a King) It means to give something worth or value. We do this when we demonstrate our love and adoration for God in a way that shows Him how much He is worth to us! The gratitude we have for Him should pour out as we worship. Show Him that He is valued above all else in our lives. Worship always involves giving.

In Luke 7:36-50 we see a beautiful and complete image of worship. Jesus is having dinner at a Pharisee’s house and a woman (who is known to be sinful), hears of this news and comes to meet with Jesus. With HUMILITY, she wipes His feet with her hair and tears, anoints them with ointment, and even kisses His feet! Meanwhile, the Pharisee didn’t even offer Him water for his feet when He entered. The WORTH and LOVE that the woman gives to Jesus is overflowing from her heart!

What if we all loved Jesus so well? 
I am praying that God will first show us how HE would like us to worship Him. I pray that God will become so valued in our lives that our acts of worship become the norm. Lastly, I pray that God will make Himself at home in our lives, hearts, homes, and everywhere.