This will be quick so give me your next 45 sec? lol

Usually for these emails we’re tasked with encouraging YOU. But I just wanted to take a second to say thank you for encouraging ME. Since September, during any given worship service, this phrase has been ringing in my head (you can find it in John 2 and Psalm 69):

“Zeal for your house will consume me.”

I’ve taken a few minutes every time I’m in our auditorium on a Sunday morning to be encouraged by YOUR faith. I look around and see SO many stories, so many seasons of wrestling with God, seasons of deep darkness, seasons of loneliness, seasons of addiction or depression. Yet the passion, the zeal, when you utter to a melody a truth that deep in your soul you know is true, in the house of the Lord, despite the seasons of life you have walked through and walked out of, or maybe are walking right into… That is encouraging to me. And it is a reminder to me that my communion with God is also communion with his people – with YOU.
So, that’s all – just thank you