“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”

Genesis 8:22 NIV


What is your favorite time of the year?  Mine is the fall, I love when the trees change colors and the cool crisp air in the mornings and evenings. Yet we still have calm mild days.  No more air conditioners or turning on the heat. Sometimes I like to just take a long drive and slow down for a bit.  It seems like spring and summer can be very busy.  We have been cooped up in the house all winter and once the weather starts getting nice, we want to be outside as much as possible.  I also like to go through my house and do a fall cleaning before everything gets closed up for a few months.  Time just seems to fly, and we are fitting everything into our busy schedules.  Once fall comes I think well the weather is getting cooler so things will start to slow down.  Ha, ha, ha… here come the holidays.

Do you ever think about your quiet time with God like the seasons. We know that there will always be seasons and there will always be the business of everyday life. Do you ever feel like you are cramming in maybe 15 to 30 minutes of quiet time? But if you are cramming it in, is it really quiet time? Are we really meditating on God’s Word?  I ask God every day for his guidance and direction but am I fitting Him in instead of cleaning out some of the junk in my life and replacing it with spending time in His word? I have to step back and think of my time with God as the seasons.

Spending time with God is a time of recharging and getting stronger for the next season and what God has in store for us.  I will never be a biblical scholar but if I am consistent in the time I spend with God, in the bible and in prayer, I am sure He will teach me what I need for the season I am in.

Sit back and enjoy the seasons that God has given us.