Some of the most powerful moments

of prayer in the bible, in my opinion, come from situations where people have gravely messed up.

The cries of David in Psalm 51 after being confronted by the prophet Nathan concerning his dealings with Bathsheba and Uriah. The plea of Samson in Judges 16 for the strength to tear down the walls of the Philistine temple after his repeated disobedience and literal loss of the Spirit’s anointing. The prayer of Jesus for Peter, that his faith would not fail after his repeated denial of Christ.

These are all moments in David’s, Samson’s, and Peter’s lives where they could have chosen to stay on the path of destruction yet prayer (sometimes not even of their own!) was pivotal in the restoration of their faith.

I find comfort by these moments because, even though I mess up time and time again, when I turn away from what I knew was wrong (or thought was right) and back to God, He hears my cries and answers prayers – and He does the same for you. I also know that the prayers of my parents and loved ones have been at work on my behalf unbeknownst to me for many years. My daughter has not even been born yet, but I trust that my prayers for her are already at work in the ways God intends for her best and His glory.

Brothers and sisters, don’t let your own sinfulness keep you from seeking to make things right with your Father who loves you like crazy. Don’t let someone else’s sinfulness keep you from praying for their faith and restoration to the Father.

Who knows how powerful moments of prayer in your life and for someone else could end up being in your spiritual journey and theirs.

Praying for you today as we continue to reflect on the amazing grace of Jesus Christ in making a way for our repentance and restoration to the Father eternally.


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