Transitions can be rough.

Sometimes the changes are easier or more difficult to accept than others. Of course, an unwanted change is fully expected to not be an easy adjustment, but even a welcomed, positive, long-awaited, or exciting transition has its subjective difficulties. Whether you’re presented with a new job or opportunity, a change in relationship status, moving, or welcoming the next member of your family (2- or 4-legged :)), there’s interruptions and adjustments to your daily living that can pose as challenging and sometimes even cause you to second guess if the change was worth taking the plunge over.

We never fully know what to expect and can only do so much planning when it comes to transitions. We can read all the books and articles. We can solicit all the advice. We can research and determine the “best” course of action, but most of the time our plans seem to go out the window (or at the very least significantly vary from what we originally were hoping for).

My husband and I have been making our way through (and toward) some significant transitions in our life for the last year and then some. He has obtained higher licensing in his job field (and with that we have undergone employment changes), we have gone through the puppy-phase TWICE (we know we are crazy), and now we approach one of the greatest transitions of our life in just a matter of a few weeks – becoming parents.

In all of life’s changes, even though at times I feel pulled in a million different directions or completely overwhelmed, the Spirit is so sweet to remind me of something that unfortunately almost becomes a cliché in Christian circles—what a tragedy when the Word of God begins to lose its impact on those reading or hearing it. I know I’ve certainly been guilty of it. This truth is found in the book of Proverbs.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.
Proverbs 3:5-6

Whether you’re in the midst of, anticipating, or finally experiencing some stability from shifts in life, the Lord is ready and desires to help you. His “making [a path] straight” will lead to deepening the roots of your faith; it is surrendering control over to Him, it is placing Him as King in your heart and life, and trusting that HE will make the way as you step out in faith as Moses and the children of Israel did in Exodus 14.

I pray that whatever situation you are facing right now or soon will be, that you turn your eyes and heart toward the Lord and trust in Him and that through your changes you allow Him to change you!


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