Who or what is the one person or thing
that you know will always be there for you? Your one constant, constant meaning never changing.

I thought, “Well, of course my family! My husband Dennis, my kids, my sisters, close friends, are always there when I need them.” Then I thought, “Yeah, okay, but what about God?Β ” His love for us is unconditional and no matter what, He is always there. He blesses us even when we don’t deserve it.

This made me think about the very first staff devotional I did. Each week at staff meeting, one of us shares a brief devotional with the group – it’s been very encouraging, but also challenging!

I remember how nervous I was to do my first staff devo. I have never been good at putting together a devotion on my own. I read the Bible and do my best to study it, but I never shared those things with anyone. Sure, I have witnessed to people and talked to them about God and salvation, but I never thought I could share a devotion in front of a group of people.

God laid it on my heart to share my feelings about what I wanted to accomplish through His Word. My first staff devotion was on being consistent which naturally led me to dive deeper into what consistency meant, and the importance of being spiritually consistent. Consistency is something that starts & stops but does not vary.

If being consistent in temporal things, like exercise, eating right, house work, our jobs, etc. is important, how much more important is being spiritually consistent? Spiritual consistency develops routine and builds momentum – it forms habits. It becomes a source of encouragement to us and even to people around us. It makes us stronger in our spiritual life and walk with God, and it’s pleasing to God when we are consistently in fellowship with Him. We get a better outlook on things and it even helps us to have a better attitude.

“For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction that through endurance and through the encouragement of scriptures we might find hope.”
– Romans 15:4

I found that when I’m being spiritually consistent, these are habits that I develop when it comes to spending time with God:

Maintaining unbroken fellowship – even though I might miss a day of reading, I am still praying and still in fellowship with God.
Making a conscious decision to set time aside – make time every day to spend focused time with God. Try making it at the same time each day.
Having a plan – I make it meaningful, and apply it to something that I am dealing with or feeling.
Remember feelings and thoughts are temporary – They are not eternal. Turn your focus to what IS eternal.
Doing one thing at a time – be present and in the moment. Like Jason said last week (you can read the post here) get unplugged from everything around you when you are spending time with God. Turn off the radio, television, put your phone on silent. Do whatever you can to give God your undivided attention.

If we have consistency in our spiritual life, we will also have the most important CONSTANT in our life, which is GOD. He never changes!

Denise Provost
Office Staff