We have seen in our series Lost and Found that Jesus’ love causes him to look on people who are in pain with compassion. Pain, as we all have experienced, can reveal itself in so many different forms. Jesus demonstrates to us the ability to step into someone else’s pain and be a vessel that brings healing.

This past weekend in John 11 we saw a family that was in pain. They were hurting, seeing their brother on the doorstep of death with little hope of healing, stricken with grief at their brother’s passing, and angry at God in light of the timing of His arrival. But, in the midst of their pain, Jesus is present.

John 11:33 says, “When Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who had come with her also weeping, he was deeply moved in his spirit and greatly troubled.”

In verse 8, we see that Jesus’ disciples urged Him not to go to Judea. “The disciples said to him, ‘Rabbi, the Jews were just now seeking to stone you, and you are going there again?‘” What they are telling Jesus is, “It wouldn’t be a wise decision for you to go, as it could bring hardship into your life. It could lead to your pain, your discomfort, the end of you.”

These reservations can too often stop us in our tracks. Jesus isn’t thinking about his own wellbeing here. Instead, He is thinking about those that God has put around Him. We have this same opportunity. It is God’s story through us.

In verses 17-37, Jesus comes alongside Martha and Mary, bringing comfort, bringing truth, and bringing the hope that is His everlasting love. I want you to think about how God has worked through others to your benefit, and reflect on how God has empowered you and used your life to bless others and bring glory to His name.

And look around you. People are struggling everywhere we turn. We all need Jesus desperately. God is giving you the privilege, in the power of His Spirit, to step into someone else’s pain and be a witness of His miraculous healing.

May all our lives echo vs 36, “See how he loved them.”

In His love,

Student Ministries Director